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06/08 v The Lee (Away)

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Result: WON by 40 runs

Toss: CB elected to bat!!

Having arrived at the ground in the pouring rain, we decided to have the toss in the clubhouse to speed things up when the rain stopped. The covers were on the wicket so the pitch would be nice and dry and we reduced the game to 35 overs to allow for any further rain breaks. Having won the toss and elected to bat, the rain stopped and the covers were removed to reveal a damper track than we were expecting. Alex gloved a rising ball behind in the first over, Luke then chased a bit of a wide one to first slip, Uma (4) dragged one on and Paul (12) nicked one behind to leave us 20-4 after 9 overs. This left us in what proved to be the safe hands of Gaurav and Tom as it would be the 23th over before Gaurav fell for 71 with over 100 runs added in the partnership. Tom was joined by Areeb who hit another classy looking 29 not out, before Tom was stumped near the end for his maiden 50 for Chesham Bois finishing with 59. Ali and Vish (6 n.o.) were the final batsmen as we closed on a much healthier looking 188-7.

In reply, Vish (7-1-32-1) and Uma (7-2-14-4) opened our attack and got The Lee off to a very subdued start reaching 30 off the first 10 overs. Areeb (7-1-25-3) and Gaurav (5-0-32-0) took up the attack with Areeb removing their first wicket in the 11th over. He followed this up with a wicket in the 19th over and handily removed their most dangerous batsman in the 21st over. An injury to Gaurav shortened his spell but a couple of tidy overs from Ashay (2-0-14-0) against some aggressive batting got us through to the returning Uma. Meanwhile Luke nailed down the other end, keeping them well behind the required scoring rate required, finishing with 0-28 off his 7 overs. Vish returned for his final 2 overs and to take his wicket in between Uma having a couple of hattrick chances in taking his 4 wickets.

Another very good win having rebuilt the innings after a dodgy start and pressed home by a very tidy bowling and fielding performance.



Batsman How Out Runs

1. Paul Withams caught 12

2. Mohen Alexander caught 0

3. Luke Dawson caught 0

4. Uma Saraswat bowled 4

5. Guarav Walia bowled 71

6. Tom Brookes stumped 59

7. Areeb Hussain not out 29

8. Ali Kerai LBW 0

9. Vishal Thaker not out 6

10 Ashay Walia

11 Jed O'Brien

Extras B 2 LB 1 W 2 NB 2 7

TOTAL: 188 for 7 Overs 35


Innings of THE LEE

Extras B 0 LB 3 W 7 NB 2 12

TOTAL: 148 for 8 Overs 35

Bowler Overs Mdns Runs Wkts

1. Vishal Thaker 7 1 32 1

2. Uma Saraswat 7 2 14 4

3. Guarav Walia 5 0 32 0

4.Areeb Hussain 7 1 25 3

5. Luke Dawson 7 2 28 0

6. Ashay Walia 2 0 14 0


CATCHES: 1 - Jed, Alex


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