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02/07 v Wooburn Narkovians (Home)

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Result: Won by 41 runs

Toss: CB elected to bat

Having won the toss (as their skipper called wrong) Chesham Bois elected to bat against a Wooburn side who always provide a stiff challenge. With Gaurav, Ali, Haider and Luke missing we were looking a little light on both batting and bowling fronts but Luke volunteered his younger twin brothers, Billy and Oscar, with the assurance that they were “good enough to contribute” to the game on Sunday. We learnt 2 things on Sunday. 1, Billy and Oscar were most certainly good enough to contribute and 2, Luke has obviously mastered the art of understatement.

Paul (15) and Alex opened our innings. Alex’s departure bought Rajiv (28) to the crease. When both Paul and Rajiv had been dismissed by the 10th over with the score on 53, there was still little sign of the carnage that was to follow. Billy was joined by Uma at this point and they wouldn’t be separated until the 32nd over with the score on 272 as Uma was finally caught behind for 142 with his 50 and 100 coming up off the 29th and 53rd balls that he faced. A quick flurry of wickets saw Madhav, Sachin and Areeb (7) depart finally followed by Billy (94), just 6 runs short of his century in the 36th over with the score on 295. Billy was the last wicket to fall as Oscar and Vish (5 NO) got us through to 40 overs, Oscar bludgeoning his way to 64 not out in a little over 4 overs. In the process of getting this total, Chesham Bois sailed past our previous record total of 312 and easily past the total for the 4thwicket partnership with 219.

In reply and with the knowledge of the target required, Wooburn, who are no mugs with the bat, set off gamely to chase down the total. Vish (4-0-41-0) and Oscar opened our attack as Wooburn were initially ahead of the rate at around 12 runs per over with Oscar bowling one of their openers along the way. Areeb (8-0-51-1) and Rajiv (8-0-65-0) then bowled through their allotted overs and reigned the scoring rate back in as Areeb also removed the other opener. Not content with scoring 94 runs, Billy (6-0-40-2) came on to bowl and effectively ended their run chase by removing their No3 bat who had amassed 110 along with their No4 bat. Uma (8-0-55-1) again exerted the control we needed including a wicket courtesy of a stunning 1 handed overhead effort by Alex. All that was left to do was bring back Oscar for his final couple of overs which he didn’t waste, as 2 catches in the deep by Billy, followed by clean bowling the next wicket, bought up a hattrick for Oscar ending up with 6 overs, four wickets for 44 runs. Wooburn ended on 323 for 9 which also beat our previous highest total.

An incredible effort by the team and, thanks to Wooburn Novarkians and their spirited chase, it turned it into one amazing and unforgettable game of cricket.

Statistical highlights:

Highest ever score by a Chesham Bois team

Highest ever score at the common

Record 4th wicket partnership

Youngest player to take a hat trick for Chesham Bois



Batsman How Out Runs (Balls)

1. Paul Withams caught 15 (22)

2. Mohen Alexander caught 0 (3)

3. Rajiv Walia caught 28 (22)

4. Billy Dawson bowled 94 (64)

5. Uma Saraswat caught 142 (82)

6. Madhav bowled 0 (4)

7. Sachin Sawant bowled 0 (4)

8. Areeb Hussain caught 7 (6)

9. Oscar Dawson not out 64 (22)

10 Vishal Thaker not out 5 (7)

11 Jed O'Brien

Extras B 2 LB 5 W 1 NB 1 9

TOTAL: 364 for 9 Overs 40



Extras B 15 LB 6 W 2 NB 2 25

TOTAL: 323 for 9 Overs 40

Bowler Overs Mdns Runs Wkts

1. Vishal Thaker 4 0 47 0

2. Oscar Dawson 6 0 44 4 (inc hat trick)

3. Rajiv Walia 8 0 65 0

4. Areeb Hussain 8 0 51 1

5. Uma Saraswat 8 0 55 1

6. Billy Dawson 6 0 40 2


CATCHES: 2 - Billy (1st 2 wickets of his brother's hat trick), 1 - Alex


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