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Syd Rolph - a tribute

Just after Christmas, we recieved the sad news that our former Chairman and player, Syd Rolph had passed away - we're not too sure on how old he was, even Bob Besson didn't ever know Syd's true age! Syd was one of the 'local characters' of cricket in the Chesham area in the 1970s and 80s.

During the 1970’s, 80’s and early 90’s until his retirement from playing in 1992, Syd was the “Mr. Motivator” in the club .It was Syd who took over the leadership of the club when Ian Gomm’s council activities took priority.

A tireless worker and a very useful bowler in his playing days, he could talk any member into helping in whatever cause was in progress at the time. It was his continual endeavours, despite setbacks through lack of support which was promised by the Sports Council, that finally got the extension to the pavilion completed, meaning the players can now enjoy a hot shower after matches.

His playing career at Chesham Bois was mainly concerned with the bowling of right arm accurate medium pace seamers. Batting was mainly in the late order but on one memorable occasion, as history relates, he opened the innings. Result, Out First Ball!! He did on occasions though score many useful late runs with a top score of 41 not out. A career total of 362 wickets relate to the accuracy of his bowling.

Syd was a man with a very cheerful personality and outlook on life. In 1993, he and his wife, moved to Rugby, but still kept in touch with club members. Syd’s like and his commitment to clubs are very rarely seen nowadays, his friendship was appreciated by everyone he came into contact with.

When Syd joined the club in 1972 he introduced his wife Janet who became involved in the club catering throughout Syd’s career, assisted by her two daughters Alison and Sandra.

 Also joining as a teenager was Syd’s son Andy, who was to become a leading all round cricketer for the club, being a capable batsman, bowler, fielder, occasional wicket keeper and Sunday captain. He played for the club for a number of seasons, (1980-1998), before moving from the area to Devon. Legend has it, that Andy spent a winter living in the pavilion!

Syd’s Career Record



Not Out


Highest Score





41 Not Out














Catches: 68

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