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13/08 v Chiltern Warriors (Home)

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Result: WON by 1 run

Toss: CB elected to bat!!

2023 is turning into a season for games to remember as Chesham Bois turned the game around into a nail biting victory by 1 run in the final over. Having won the toss again, The Bois elected to bat on a new and slightly damp track. Paul (59) and Alex got us off to a steady start before Alex was out for 18 in the 10th over with the score on 32. Ali then hit a brisk 53 in a 98 run partnership with Paul. Uma was less successful as he discovered the uneven bounce, first ball. Gaurav (9) and Rajiv (9) were both bowled at the 159 and 168 run mark leaving Hussain (22 N.O.) and Arjun 13 to critically get us up to 197.

In reply, Vish (5.3-0-1-27) and Arjun (8-0-23-2) were wicketless in their opening 5 over spells but crucially kept the scoring rate well in check. Rajiv (8-1-29-3) was his usual miserly self as he also removed their top 3 batsmen. Hussain (5-0-17-0) was even more frugal in his 5 overs until a back injury cut short his spell. Fortunately for us, even though restricted in movement, he stayed on the field to help us plug the gaps and took an important catch near the end. Gaurav (5-0-41-1) and Uma (8-0-43-2) were under pressure as Chiltern Warriors looked to up the scoring rate, but helpfully they removed 3 wickets along the way. Arjun returned for his final 3 overs crucially taking 2 wickets. A runner was introduced for their top scoring batsman in the penultimate over and with 4 runs needed and 2 wickets in hand, the dubious honour of the last over fell to Vish. Vish removed their number 10 caught by Gaurav leaving them with 3 runs to win, 4 balls left and 1 wicket remaining. The field was up on the single as Vish's next ball was clipped wide of Paul at square leg. Paul dived (someone uncharitably also said he fell over) and got enough hand on it to pull off a half stop. Scrambling back to his feet, he 'ran', picked and threw the ball back towards the bowlers end where it was collected by Ashay who was fielding closer to short extra cover. Meanwhile, in the confusion, the batsman and runner had both contrived to be somewhere in the middle of the wicket as they looked to tie the scores. Ashay threw the ball to Vish at the stumps, the bails were removed by Vish and the celebrations began. Chiltern Warriors finished on 196 all out with 2 catches for Rajiv and 1 catch each for Ali, Hussain and Gaurav.

A great game of cricket and a very rare win by 1 run. Chiltern Warriors are a good side and looked favourites to win for large portions of the game. Chesham Bois were always in the game though. 197 is a decent score and our bowlers and fielders ensured they were never ahead on the scoring rate.



Batsman How Out Runs

1. Paul Withams stumped 59

2. Mohen Alexander bowled 18

3. Ali Kerai bowled 53

4. Uma Saraswat bowled 0

5. Guarav Walia bowled 9

6. Rajiv Walia bowled 9

7. Hussein Kerai not out 22

8. Arjun Walia run out 13

9. Vishal Thaker

10 Ashay Walia

11 Jed O'Brien

Extras B 6 LB 3 W 7 NB 0 16

TOTAL: 197 for 7 Overs 40



Extras B 3 LB 5 W 11 NB 8 27

TOTAL: 196 for 10 Overs 39.3

Bowler Overs Mdns Runs Wkts

1. Vishal Thaker 5.3 1 27 1

2. Arjun Walia 8 0 23 2

3. Rajiv Walia 8 1 29 3

4.Hussein Kerai 5 0 17 0

5. Uma Saraswat 8 0 43 2

6. Guarav Walia 5 0 41 1


CATCHES: 2- Rajiv, 1 - Ali, Hussein, Guarav

RUN OUT: Ashay

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