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21/04 v Outlaws CC (Home)

Updated: May 5

Result: LOST by 19 runs

Toss: CB elected to bowl

A decent performance in a losing effort to a capable Outlaws team. Having won the toss (not a typo) we elected to field first which was good as it meant we were fielding in the warmest part of a chilly day. Daksh had the dubious honour of keeping, but made it look easy, as Sajid 7-0-48-0 and the frugal JH 7-0-32-0 opened our attack. Considering how wet it has been, the wicket played well but had a tendency to keep a little low at times. Haider 7-0-51-2 found his rhythm and bowled well against the well set openers, taking the first wicket of the season to fall. Areeb, meanwhile, nailed down the other end taking 2 wickets on his way to 7-0-33-2. Uma (7-0-36-0) made up the fifth bowler in our attack going for only 36 runs despite bowling the last over. This left us chasing 207 off 35 overs.

In reply, whilst we had a strong batting line up, the inconsistency of the bounce meant scoring wasn’t easy and it was a little risky to be too aggressive. Alex edged one that lifted to the keeper early on which left Paul (30) and Daksh (73) to nudge the score along. When Paul was run out after a mix up with Daksh, Ali injected 17 very fast runs before becoming victim to the bounce or rather lack of it. Uma immediately fell victim to another run out, Areeb then treated us to some classy stroke play in his 23. JH with 8 and Sajid with 12 N.O. completed our scorers for the day as we fell 20 runs short of victory. A great effort by the team and particularly Daksh to get us close to their score. 188 is a decent total on most days so we were competitive and, on another day, we might well have turned it around.



Batsman How Out Runs

1. Paul Withams run out 30

2. Mahen Alexander caught 0

3. Daksh Sabberwal caught 73

4. Ali Kerai bowled 17

5. Uma Saraswat run out 0

6. Areeb Hussein bowled 23

7. John Holloway bowled 8

8. Sajid Mahmood not out 12

9. Haider Kerai not out 0

10 Jed O'Brien


Extras B 8 LB 0 W 12 NB 1 21

TOTAL: 188 for 7 Overs 35


Innings of OUTLAWS

Extras B 3 LB 3 W 5 NB 0 11

TOTAL: 207 for 4 Overs 35

Bowler Overs Mdns Runs Wkts

1. Sajid Manmood 7 0 48 0

2. John Holloway 7 0 32 0

3. Areeb Hussein 7 0 33 2

4.Haider Kerai 7 0 51 2

5. Uma Saraswat 7 0 36 0



CATCHES: 1 - Paul

RUN OUTS: 1 - Alex

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